What to do to master French pronunciation?

What to do to master French pronunciation?

Most learners are afraid of french pronunciation in their initial stages. However, you need not worry about it. All you should do are listed below to master the pronunciation.

Pronunciation exercises

Apart from grammar exercises, you can find several tasks and exercises focusing on your pronunciation skills in the French language. You can improve your pronunciation skills by practicing with these exercises. For instance, you can find an exercise asking you to memorize few dialogues in French and repeat them. You will find these exercises online and some mobile applications also offer these exercises.

Grab a partner

The primary task to do to improve your French pronunciation is to find a partner to speak in French. If you are learning a common language, you can speak with anyone in your circle as they would know it. However, it is tedious to frequently speak in French to your friends. So, you should find a French partner either from your French class or through online platforms. You both can improve your pronunciation skills by talking to each other in French regardless of the mistakes.

Record and correct

You need not wait for a teacher to correct your pronunciation. As the saying self-help is the best help, you should rely on yourself to correct your mistakes. The only way to know your mistakes is to record what you speak. If you have a mobile, you will have the option to record voice. You should speak in French and record yourself. With your pronunciation knowledge, you should listen to these recordings and find the mistakes in pronunciation. You should do this again.

Try different accents

There are five different accents in French. The indication marks above some alphabets are nothing but accent marks. You should try to master these accents.